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Monthly Bible Reading Schedule


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One of the best ways to build your relationship with Jesus Christ and to stay focused on the Gospel is to systematically and faithfully read God’s Word. Remember reading the Bible is not a, “to do” as if you garner more favour with God or prove your worth. Jesus Christ loves us no matter what, reading God’s Word is where you discover more and more deeply just how much He loves you and has accomplished everything for you.

Just like your human relationships are all varied and exciting so is your relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many wonderful and varied ways to read God’s Word and we wanted to provide you with some options. There are links to several different websites that will help you from systematical reading programs to chronological, themed to overview. I will also provide a monthly suggested reading program that blends OT books with their NT counterpart.

If you have any questions please email myself and I will gladly get back to you. The main thing in this is to enjoy God and the discovery of the gospel more in your life. So, let 2012 be the year that your relationship and knowledge of Christ is the center of your life.

Happy Reading,

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